WeChat is a strong marketing tool for brands entering the Chinese market. Launching a WeChat official account is a necessity for brands to reach their target audience and raise brand awareness in an effective and cost-effective way.

WeChat now has 3 types of official accounts:

  1. Subscription Accounts (订阅号)

  2. Service Accounts (服务号)

  3. Corporate Accounts (企业号)

Before registering your WeChat official account, take a moment to think about your needs and goals. This article will explain the different accounts and help you find the type that fits you best.

Subscription Accounts

WeChat subscription accounts focus on information and brand communication. They’re like another media channel. Subscription accounts can publish once a day and can only publish 1-6 articles each time.  All updates are sent to the users’ subscription folder and users do not receive push notifications. Subscription accounts are the only official account type open to individuals such as bloggers, writers or celebrities, which are the best choice for individuals, media and brands that are content based or information-orientated.

Service Accounts

WeChat service accounts provide stronger support for customer service and CRM. They are also sales-oriented in that verified service accounts can apply for WeChat Pay functions and open a WeChat Store. After verification, service accounts are also allowed access to APIs that enable them to build additional apps and functions such as an Instant Customer Service app or GPS apps that help customers find their offline locations.

When posts are published, service account articles appear in followers’ chat lists as push notifications and are more visible. On the other hand, in order not to annoy or spam users, the posting frequency is lower than a subscription account. A service account can publish only 4 times per month, with 1-6 articles each time. Service accounts are most suitable for industries with a mass audience or with large customer databases, such as banks, airlines and hotels. Sales-oriented brands that don’t need frequent publishing are also well-suited to service accounts.

Corporate Accounts

While subscription accounts and service accounts target external markets, WeChat corporate accounts are specialized for internal communication and management. They’re not open to the public. Users must be verified internal staff to follow a corporate account.

With third-party APIs, corporate accounts can reach diverse internal management functions, from establishing corporate contact lists, internal resource sharing to supply chain management and mobile offices.

Currently, only China-registered businesses can have their WeChat account verified.

1. One China residence ID
2. China business profile (Company registered in China)
3. China mobile phone number
4. Business account operator ID and photo

Mini Program

Also known as a WeChat Application Account, is a new function that allows easy development and access to programs within the WeChat system. Developers can use HTML5 and JavaScript to develop Mini Programs which serve the same functions and uses as an app. The only difference is that “Mini Programs” are developed within the WeChat system so they don’t require downloading and don’t use up valuable memory on users’ phones. Users can access them by scanning the appropriate QR code and can exit at any time. Generally speaking, Mini Programs are a supportive marketing tool. For business owners, they don’t need to constantly create content or maintain a community. For users, they can get what they need efficiently without following an account or receiving too many messages and posts. For brands or businesses who want to easily develop a single app, the Mini Program account is the most suitable. It’s also recommended to integrate the Mini Program account with another type of WeChat official account for the best marketing effect.

With social media and service functions performed by this platform, its core business today is shifting towards e-commerce. WeChat has become an electronic wallet for users all over the world. WeChat incorporates its own billing system and the e-wallet function (linked to Chinese bank accounts) where users can pay via check-outs with a “one-click-payment”, this has vastly increased the quality of the users experience. This experience can ultimately lead to a significant sales conversion rate.

These shops enable users to simply access products through their mobile devices with convenient payment options. The important role it provides regarding customer service is fascinating. It remains the number one communication channel in China presently, users are daily searching for WeChat public accounts for business information and even raising requests for their creation. When buyers access your WeChat shop that is connected to your WeChat public account, you provide them with an opportunity that integrates your products with this social framework. It intuitively allows customers to contact you via a WeChat customer service. Communication can be done either by speaking or writing to a WeChat public account. Your WeChat shop makes it easy for you to send a discount to your customers through a WeChat official account post. With this you keep your users constantly informed about the latest promotions and maintain your brand engagement with them.

Opening a WeChat store can be complex if you are from outside of China and it is recommended to use a specialist agency. A unique QR code that is linked to a customized WeChat store for your users will be provided. Once this is done, users who scan or follow the link are automatically linked to your WeChat shop. This shop comes with WeChat payment integration, it is important to provide the best products and services to your customers to encourage repeat business. The stores are highly customizable for brands.

Step 1 – Upload your products

This user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to upload their products information, pictures and discounts.

Step 2 – Get your unique QR code

A User is provided with a QR code, which is simply printed and kept in the mobile store, or uploaded to your website. Chinese customers will scan this code to follow you via WeChat.

Step 3 – Receive orders from your Chinese clients

Chinese clients will continue to order products from your online store with their smartphone, via WeChat.

I and GoOpportunity can help you with all your WeChat needs.

  • Register a personal account so you can communicate with your friends.

  • Register an account for your business.

  • Develop a mini program according to your requirements.

  • Setup an e-commerce solution within WeChat for you.

  • Create content for you to promote your brand/company on WeChat.

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