Tmall is the biggest B2C (business-to-consumer) platform in China. Tmall was launched by Taobao in 2010 and since its creation is the number one online sales platform in the Asian giant. This e-commerce platform operates in Mainland China,Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. enables brands to sell their products and services directly to consumers in China. In the manner of Taobao, Tmall uses Alipay’s payment system. Nonetheless, one of the main differences between Taobao and Tmall is that in the second, vendors have to be approved in order to set up a store in the marketplace. Due to its business policy, Tmall ensures authentic and premium quality products to its consumers.

As opposed to other Chinese e-commerce platforms, Tmall offers more protection to its consumers with its 7-day return policy. In addition, Tmall’s merchants are more credible and trustful because they have to be approved before they can set up a store. Tmall integrates Alipay as its online payment system which is very popular in China and is considered the most trustful tool for Chinese shoppers. In addition, Tmall offers analytic tools such as the “Daily Update” that provides daily sales reports. These tools are very useful for vendors in order to take strategic decisions based on their sales data.

Tmall currently has over 70,000 brands in more than 50,000 stores and enables vendors to sell their goods to the entire Greater China region. Due to its huge popularity, Tmall is the place to be for those looking to reach Chinese online shoppers without needing to open a physical brick and mortar store in China. you need a Tmall Agency (TP Tmall Partner) to integrate Tmall

Tmall offers merchants 3 different types of stores depending on their requirements.

Flagship Store

Merchants who are brand owners or have an exclusive authorization from the brand owner are able to apply for a flagship store.

Speciality Store

This store type is appropriate for merchants that sell items of two or more brands but that belong to the same product category.

Authorized store

Merchants which hold authorization documents from the brand owner in order to set up a shop on can open an authorized store.

  • Only companies located in Mainland China and with a Chinese retail business license can apply to open a store on

  • Marketers have to submit the necessary information including documents that confirm the reliability, genuineness and the existence of the company and its products.

  • Products must be located within China in order to send the order quickly to consumers.

  • Tmall stipulates that vendors must ship an order within 72 hours after the purchase.

  • 7 days after of receiving the item, consumers have the right to return it for a refund.

I and GoOpportunity can help you with all your Tmall needs.

  • Help you to collect all the documents and information necessary to set up the Tmall account.

  • Advice about Tmall store format

  • Market analysis

  • Configure an Alipay and Tmall account

  • Open your store in

  • Design your store

  • Create content

  • Product content optimization

  • Located your target audience

  • Drive traffic

  • Develop marketing strategies to promote your store

  • Campaign management

  • Promotions and special offers

  • Launch a campaign on Tmal

  • Follow up campaign and optimization

  • Operation Management

  • Content management

  • Catalog management

  • Product management

  • Customer service

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