Starting a business on Taobao includes no inventory pressure, space limitation or manage risk. Selling on Taobao eliminates traditional business obstacles as logistics, rent, storage, and personnel management fees. This will reduce the cost for the seller on a per-product basis and then reduce the final price for the consumers. As commodity prices are the most important influencing factor of consumer buying decisions, compared to traditional brick and mortar shops, Taobao has absolute advantages in the operating cost and operating risks. This significant advantage of selling on Taobao will naturally attract a large number of consumers quickly; Business on Taobao can be very profitable method of market entry in China.

It is easy for foreign brands to quickly adapt their marketing strategy on Taobao based on consumer feedback and the information gathered about their specific market. As entering China’s market brings the risks of strategic mistakes and cultural misunderstandings, selling on Taobao can be a good opportunity to reduce these risks.

Like Taobao, Alipay is a service founded by Alibaba group. It is an independent third-party payment platform looking to provide a “simple, safe and fast” solution for the Chinese e-commerce online payment.  When a buyer purchases a product, the money is put in escrow until the product is safely delivered. This system creates a safety net for the customer to ensure their money will not be sent to the seller if something is wrong with the product.

However, the aim of this solution is not only to ensure the safety of users’ online payment, but at the same time let the users from both side, buyer and seller, build up mutual trust through the platform, to establish a pure Internet environment in accordance with the Chinese business culture of trust and friendly relationship. Once you set up a Taobao shop, the next step is marketing.

Chinese can easily generate a Taobao account, just by completing  the  registration form and submitting the application. However, if you are not Chinese the process is more complicated. That's where GoOpportunity and I come in.

I and GoOpportunity can help you with all your WeChat needs.

  • Register a shop on Taobao for you

  • Develop a marketing plan for you to attract customers to your Taobao shop.

  • Setup a payment solution in your shop.

  • Help you organize a fulfillment solution for your business in China.

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