About GoOpportunity 

Founded & managed by Per-Ola Hammar

[ +10 years of China experience online and offline ]


I excel at providing businesses with innovative solutions. Comprised of a combination of expertise and experience, my approach is result-oriented. I specialize in the development and implementation of business strategies, encompassing vital categories such as eCommerce, social media marketing, and software. My expertise in China allows my clients to secure the ever-elusive market with tried and true methods.


I decided to start GoOpportunity, a branch of CapsisMedia, to offer digital services focused 110% on China. After living and working in China for several years I noticed a big gap in the digital market, there are no consultants or agencies that offer digital services aimed at the Chinese market to an affordable price and with customer service in English. Two major hurdles are price and language.

GoOpportunity's goal is to simplify life for my fellow expats (and obviously Chinese people as well), by offering key services to succeed in China at an affordable price and everything is communicated in English.

Check out my services and see what I can help you with and let's get in touch soon to get one step closer to success in China for you and your brand!


Tel: +86 1822 105 8406

401 Guanfulin Road, Songjiang, Shanghai, China

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